As Hillary Clinton wrote (taking it from an African proverb) it takes a village to raise a child.   It certainly takes as many caring and nurturing adults as possible.

Many of my students don’t have a specific interest in drama or writing;  in this case, the parents are wanting their child to be more confident and articulate at school, or more able to express themselves generally.

I have developed my own curriculum to encourage the creativity, imagination, self-expression and confidence of my students.  Each lesson is tailored specifically to the child’s interests and personality (and is often an amalgam of all my other lessons) and many of my students have remained with me through all their growing up years.

All that we achieve, suffer, enjoy, understand, is experienced through personal relationships and those relationships depend on the communication of the spoken word. Oral language is man’s basic tool with which he makes friends, earns his living and becomes a participating member of the community. It is through speech that we assimilate the thoughts, opinions, ideas, emotions, humour, wisdom, commonsense and even morals and spiritual values of those around us and it is through perceptive listening and courteous speaking that we move towards breaking down social, professional and racial barriers.
— Speech for Life by Christabel Burniston